A Quick View of Wrestling

One of the oldest forms of combat is wrestling. It can be tracked back about 15, 000 years ago in France where cave drawings were discovered. A long time ago in Greece, wrestling was the most popular competition of their Olympic games. The Romans were influenced by the Greek but they have modified and erased the brutal aspects of wrestling.

Wrestling is an exciting game and that was why its popularity lasted in the middle ages. The royal families have also relish the fun and excitement of watching this game.

Today, wrestling is enjoyed by a lot of sports enthusiast, wrestler fanatics and millions of people who love wrestling! However, there are also rules that need to follow when playing this game.

Different Types of Wrestling

Freestyle wrestling

This type of wrestling is played by both men and women where the use of legs is allowed for defense. The winner will be declared winner only after throwing his or her opponent on the mat. Lots of wrestlers do compete on this freestyle wrestling. In fact college students as well as the American high school students do have another type of wrestling with different rules and it is called collegiate wrestling.

Beach wrestling

FILA adopted this type of wrestling in 2004 to give extra excitement to T.V audiences.  Players can be men or women. They play this game by standing inside a circle (about 20 feet in diameter) filled with beach sand with heavy and light as their two categories. The unique thing about this wrestling is the use of swimwear instead of the ordinary wrestling costumes. The winner will be the one who can throw his opponent first.